Hi,  I am Shanshan. A coach & portrait photographer.

I help my clients to unstuck from  difficult emotions & limiting beliefs such as

‘’Over thinking” 

”I am not good enough”

”I can’t make a decision because I don’t know what I want”

‘’Imposter Syndromes” 

”I can’t give up control because things will go south”

‘’I can’t express myself authentically because it is not safe”

”I am not worthy of love or success because it feels bad to be the best”

”I avoid conflict situations because it will be painful and bad”

”I can’t connect to others because I don’t know how I feel”

”I don’t feel like selling because I feel I am pushing & hurting other ppl”

’‘I don’t deserve money because bring rich means I am unhappy”


The good news is, these are all lies and stories that were told to us from our early years of existence.

I use neuroplastity training to help your limbic system (feeling center that is being triggered to have difficult emotions and stores all your limiting beliefs) to react less.  So you can achieve more, stress less and receive more happiness & love!

I use portrait photography as a catalyst for you to embody your super power & turn these dark emotions into driving forces in life. 

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