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Is your relationship dysfunction or you are actually being abused?

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Why High Achieving Empath Attract Abusive Relationships?

Many high-achieving empaths might not realize the patterns that lead them into and keep them within abusive relationships, often due to unresolved issues from early trauma (CPTSD). 

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It is not your fault! You were programmed this way.

Unrecognized Patterns

They might not see the cycle of attracting and staying in unhealthy relationships because they have always been educated to have higher standard of themselves instead of holding others accountable. 

Deep-seated Shame

On the surface, they are very successful. However, a persistent feeling of "not being good enough" undermines their self-worth.

Difficulty in Boundary Setting

Struggles with establishing or maintaining boundaries with others as empaths always try to help to an extend to damage their own well-being.

Attraction to Unhealthy Partners 

Empath repeatedly finding themselves with partners who exploit their empathy and achievements. Deeply rooted in the past that love was usually conditional & mixed with chaos and suffering. 

Challenge in Leaving

Despite awareness of toxicity, there's a significant hurdle in breaking free and moving on. Empathy often believe that love can heal everything and everyone has potential to grow, not understanding sometimes, their abusive partners are under a mental disorder spectrum.

Ready to Learn

I guide you through easy tools to soothe trauma-related anxiety so you can build a healthy foundation for what you truly want. 

Cognitive Exercises to stop obsessive thinking 

In a thinking rut of jealousy, distrust and self-blaming? Learn to challenge old limiting belief and form new neuropathways.

Somatic Exercises to release & regulate emotions

 A lot of meditation is not suitable for trauma survivors. Finally, learn to come back to safety within your body.  Stop being attracted to drama & abuse when anxiety leaves your body. 

Abusive Behavior Check List

Learn to recognize subtle abuse in different forms from family, romantic settings. You decide if you want to break free or stay but protect yourself (not everyone has the circumstances to leave). 

Ppl trained/coached by me in the last 15 years

Finding life purpose. Get SMART Goals. Brainstorming on new ideas to build the life you want, especially with the new built inner safety, confidence & self-worth. 

About me

I know CPTSD as I've lived through it. 

As a high-achieving empath, I've navigated the challenges of toxic relationships, including those with partners showing narcissistic or avoidant behaviors.

My own journey of healing began three years ago, focusing on inner child and somatic work, and exploring the neurological impacts of trauma.

This path led to newfound internal safety and more fulfilling relationships across all areas of my life.

Although my healing journey continues, my extensive experience and diverse toolkit as a certified life coach since 2012 equip me to guide others toward healing and fulfillment.

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