Work with me to start your journey of healing the past, feeling the peace of the present and manifesting the future.

It is no secret that you have a driven passion & purpose to motivate yourself to pursue your dream and become the best version of yourself.

You’ve came a long way and your vision is still growing. But something is stopping you from flying higher.


I am here to walk besides you through every step of the way so you can turn fear into self-love and courage so you can reach your highest potential.


the way I work with my clients

No matter what service you take, I will always do the following

Ask the right questions

Using Coaching Questions to get to know your dreams & fears. To understand where are you from and where do you want to go. 

Personalized offering

Whether it is photoshoot or coaching, I will support your vision and create something special for you. 

Make it hassle free for you

You can come as you are because I probably have everything you might need from studio wardrobe to makeup & hair.

Satisfaction guarantee

You don’t need to commit to any packages before your see your images. Only invest in what you love.







Kind Words

Hanna Ranvell

Omistaja, yrittäjä at Relevé

Shanshan is a true artist. She confronts you, treasures you and finds spontaneous ways to create her vision of what she sees, hears and reads on you. It’s all very soothing, delicate and subtle. I felt very safe and easy – and very special. I never thought I could enjoy in front of a camera, but it was super cool and we had so much fun!
And wow, the portraits are amazing! They are piece of art and totally worth every penny!

Coltrane Hassinen

Toimitusjohtaja/yrittäjä at Visuopisto - visuaalisuus yrittäjän työkaluna

Aivan mahtava!! On todella etua että sama meikkaa ja laittaa ja kuvaa. Todellinen uniikki ja luksuselämys erityisesti ikääntyvälle, itsekriittiselle naiselle 🙂 Shanshan on todella taitava!

Dimitar Petkov


Shanshan always approaches everything she is aiming to understand and dive into the roots of it, allowing herself to be vulnerable and to empower others. She is really able to transform the way people see themselves and their reality, which is ultimately shaping it.
The magic she is able to catch with her camera comes from deep inside of her models sincerely showing how they feel, their different in some cases unexplored sides and who they are becoming!


Can't wait to work with you!

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