Employer and Personal Branding Imagery that fits your vision and attracts the right talents & clients.

Studio Image Style Guide

White Pop Employer / Personal Branding
White Pop
Pure White Background, softlight on the face but with enough contrast. Suitable for Linkedin, website and many industries and roles.
Textured Tech Employer / Personal Branding
Textured pop
High contrast both in color and in texture. Slightly animated feeling. Will provide impact for tech roles and tech startups.
Classic 1 Employer / Personal Branding
Brand Color
We can keep the rest of the photo black and white, while the brand color remains to highlight one element from the image. Easy to be aligned across board for a team.
Breaking 1 Employer / Personal Branding
Breaking Free
Background can be of any color, broken glass effect to highlight movement. Suitable for anyone with an active role or fast moving industry.
Chromatic Employer / Personal Branding
Mono Chrome
Natural soft light with similar color on the outfit and background. Amazing for a young team for eye-catching effect with the brand color.
Spiritual Employer / Personal Branding
Light coming from behind you! Comforting, inspiring and uplifting image perfect for well-being and health professionals.
Theatre Employer / Personal Branding
Dark backgrounds best with dramatic harsh light mimicking the stage effect. Suitable for launching new product, services or people in a creative industry.
Painterly Employer / Personal Branding
Photo with graphic as background, just like a painting. Combines what is real and what is imagined. Maybe you have a special format event/service to promote?
Impact Employer / Personal Branding
A lot of world’s famous leaders and authors are photographed in this way. Are you one of them?
Cinematic Employer / Personal Branding
A full body image with any background, natural light and a prop to really show your personality and area of expertise.
Crisp Gray Employer / Personal Branding
Crisp Grey
Minimalistic and Nordic, suitable for many if not most brands. You will look even sharper with cold toned outfits.
Lux Employer / Personal Branding
Black and Black with semi hash light for a beauty magazine look. Professionals in luxury beauty, fashion and service industry.
Light Track Employer / Personal Branding
Light Track
Simply by using a phone, you can paint words or shapes into your portrait. Maybe an idea is worth to be highlighted!
Double Exposure Employer / Personal Branding
Double Exposure
You are a dreamer and highly creative. Adding a layer of your favorite element as double exposure effect to stand out from the crowd. Also a bit mysterious.
Old Master Employer / Personal Branding
Old master
Dark and Moody. Inspired by classic oil painting. The founder of a historical or luxury brand?
Direct Sun Employer / Personal Branding
Sun Light
Direct hash light mimicking the sun. With a power pose and clean hair, you will be making a statement. Will also work with a smile and casual pose for a happy or excited feeling!

We can make shoots on location as well

DSC1522bwvintage Employer / Personal Branding
Forest Escape
DSC5803 e1565549969424 Employer / Personal Branding
Breezy Coast
DSC8801effect color e1565536725254 Employer / Personal Branding
Helsinki Landmark
DSC7022color effect  e1565549276666 Employer / Personal Branding
On location with backdrop
DSC6568 Employer / Personal Branding
Nature Lover
DSC5613 1 e1565549921320 Employer / Personal Branding
Indoor life style
DSC4650 e1565549745208 Employer / Personal Branding
Office fun
DSC6554 e1565549377971 Employer / Personal Branding
Right Scene for your character

Team Photo?

DSC6625 Employer / Personal Branding
In Studio
ezgif.com gif maker Employer / Personal Branding
Image Stacking
If your team can’t make it in the same day, we can still do a team photo!
DSC7126 newcolor effect  Employer / Personal Branding
On Location

How to get started?

Employer Branding

Key Questions

  • What is your company mission & vision?
  • Describe your culture in 3-10 key words?
  • What is your company brand guidelines?
  • Persona of the talents you want to attract in short and long term?
  • Who is the typical customer?

Personal Branding

Key Questions

  • What is your own purpose & dream?
  • Describe your personality in 3-10 key words?
  • What is your company’s logo, color pallet & font?
  • What makes you different?
  • What are the biggest similarities between you and your clients?

Book a Consultation/Meeting

I can help you with the clarity of the above key questions. When these questions are answered, we will brainstorm together what are the best concept, imagery style, location, outfits & all the other practical aspect of your branding photoshoot.

Email: [email protected]

For fast response: Whatsapp 0452016100

Headshot Archive

Your Experience will be like no other

Every Shoot comes with a complimentary consultation to generate best concept for your brand.

Brand Consultation

Let’s look at your brand’s logo, font, color pallet to select an image style. I will also source the best location & provide outfit ideas for the shoot.

Pro Makeup & Hair

Makeup & Hair that bring out the best in you. We specialize in natural glam style makeover that is best for the camera.

Brand yourself in different scenarios

We will look at the need of Linkedin Profile, Website, Social media & press. Image will be generated for each purpose.

Fully Guided Shoot

It is not your job to know how to pose or use face expression. I will guide you every step of the way,  so we can together discover the best angles, poses and expressions.

Full edit

I will edit photos in a way that you stand out from the scene. Any blemishes and break out will be removed. Color toning the photo to fix your brand colors so the website looks neat & aligned.


Individual Headshot

HeadShot Session 2h – €200 (incl. VAT)

  • Up to 2 outfits
  • 1 location (Studio/On location)
  • As many poses & angles
  • Guided shoot
  • Any image style from the style guide
  • 2 fully edited digitals
  • Additional image €75/p
  • Hair & makeup + €50


Half day branding session 4 h – €600 (excl. VAT)

  • Up to 4 outfits
  • 2 location (Studio/On location)
  • As many poses & angles
  • Guided shoot
  • Any image style from the style guide
  • 8 fully edited digitals
  • Additional image €60/p
  • Hair & makeup + €50

Full day branding session 8 h – €1000 (excl. VAT)

  • Can be made into 2 half day sessions.
  • Unlimited outfits & locations as much as time allows
  • As many poses & angles
  • Guided shoot
  • Any image style from the style guide
  • 20 fully edited digitals
  • Additional image €50/p
  • Hair & makeup + €50


Ask for a quote.

I can do on location group headshots, team photos and office environment photos. Also happy to cover special events and create images for product & service. For team photos, I will help you to organize it even if people can’t make it in the same day.

How to roughly estimate the cost of your shoot?

Photographer’s creation rate is €100-150/h based on the complexity of the shoot. Editing cost is €100/h.

All expenses for special shoot will be charged such as transportation of gear, outdoor lighting assistant at €200/day & special props.

For group headshot, it is best to schedule 15 to 20 minutes/person to relax, find best expression & angle.