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My studio in the center of Helsinki

An experience to heal and empower.
To feel confident and free.
To leave a legacy for generations of loved ones to cherish.


Shanshan Gong

I was never excited to photograph models. I am most excited to transform and photograph those “everyday” people who might even hate being in front of the camera, because those people need it the most.

I feel like more balanced nowadays. But I was a giver and people pleaser for many years.  I still deeply feel those who are the caretakers of their family and friends, those who probably have been ignoring themselves a little. And I want to help those to feel ok to love themselves and open the doors for receiving more love and care from the universe.

I am a certified life coach and law of attraction practitioner: Love, trust, compassion are my highest values. I promise that i will take care of you and make you feel comfortable and beautiful in my space.

International Award-Winning Portrait

I love classic and timeless portraits which never go out of trend. But I love more to bring out the best in people no matter what genre and visual styles my clients wants me to work with.

Your Experience will be like no other

We humans are like onions. We come in layers. All layers are beautiful. We could be playful, wise, happy, calm, melankolic, romantic, edge and all that.. A photoshoot with me, we are exploring many different layers of you.

Confidence/Self-love Coaching Before the shoot

Lets first help you to identify areas you can work with to love yourself more, care for yourself more and value yourself more.

Let’sactively cause something to happenMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

Pro Makeup & Hair

Makeup & Hair that bring out the best in you. We specialize in natural glam style makeover that is best for the camera.

Studio Wardrobe

I have casual outfits as well as over 50 cocktail dresses & gowns. They are size 34-46. If nothing fits I will either buy something or drape some fabric to make a gown in the shoot.

Fully Guided Shoot

It is not your job to know how to pose or use face expression. I will guide you every step of the way,  so we can together discover the best angles, poses and expressions.

Full edit

I will edit photos in a way that you stand out from the scene. Any blemishes and break out will be removed. You can decide the level of the editing to your own liking.

Fine Art Printing

I will use the best quality material from Germany, UK and Italy to create heirloom worthy prints in beautiful frames and boxes.

My Portfolio


The price has been rising steadily since the business started for the 3 reasons below.

1, It is time consuming to personalize every shoot for my clients and deliver the quality you see in my portfolio.

2, There is increasing demand of my work.

3, Growing wardrobe, props and product range provided in the studio for your experience.

However, I will always honor the price as of the time of booking and give perks to loyal customers and can schedule your shoot 6 to 12 months prior.

Session Guide

Customize your session by Selecting the services you need.

Dragon Flower is a full-service boutique photo studio including consultation, confidence coaching, professional make-up & hair, wardrobe filtering, custom designed & guided photoshoot. We bring the luxurious salon experience to my studio where you will have your own team of beauty experts to pamper you during this unique experience. During the day, you will feel beautiful from inside to outside.


1/2 people


Includes in person consultation, confidence coaching, professional make up & hair for 1 person, studio wardrobe, photoshoot with up to 5 outfits. Tuesday to Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


3+ people


Includes in person consultation, confidence coaching, professional make up & hair for 1 person, studio wardrobe, photoshoot with up to 3 outfits. Tuesday to Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Add On

Sunday Session


Male members of the family, and children too young for makeovers, are complimentary and invited to join the session later in the day.

hair & make up/grooming

Child (age 7-12)--------------+50€
Adult (age 13+)---------------+100€

Folio Box Guide

You will see your images at a scheduled reveal meeting within 2 weeks after your photo shoot. Every print you purchase will come with the matching digital file on an USB stick. All purchases are entirely up to you.

black label


Thirty (30) 7x11 prints with .11x14 mats Eco leather keepsake box 8 replica small prints* HD video 200€ gift card for future sessions.



Twenty (20) 7x11 prints with .11x14 mats Eco leather keepsake box 4 relicata small prints HD video 200€ gift card for future sessions Additional image: 120/each



Twelv (12) 7x11 prints with .11x14 mats Eco leather keepsake box 100 gift card for future sessions. Additional images 150€/each



Six (6) 7x11 prints with .11x14 mats Eco leather keepsake box Additional images 200€ each

Add ons

The products listed below are only available with a Folio Box Purchase.

Replicate the box

Second Folio box from purchased prints
Black Label: 600€
Platinum: 400€
Gold: 300€
Silver: 250€

HD Video


Video including behind the scenes footage plus images in your folio purchase. Minimum 6 imagsa required.

Single print

7x11 with 11x14 mat 250€
A3 with frame from 400€
A2 with frame from 500€

Studio Only Open By Appointment

A Typical Day Of Photo Session



10:30 am










Rest of Looks



Other members of family joining for shoot (Optional)



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