Just when we think covid will be behind us, a war broke not so far from the Finnish border.

All the peace seeking people of the world are shocked and in pain.

Today is the international women’s day. In today’s world, there is nothing a woman cannot do.

Women can defend & protect their country just same way men can do.

Yet, there is feminine energy of healing (which can be of course found in both men and women) & compassion that we should celebrate.

We need people who can stand up & protest, we also need people who can enable conversations & bridge gaps.

The world needs healing, understanding & forgiveness.

The world needs long hugs, warm tea & tender voices.

The world needs doing.

The world needs being, even more.

If we can all just stand still for a moment, look into ourselves and ask:

Are we collectively doing a good thing on this earth?

How can we help our fellow brothers and sisters to have a great life?

Enjoy, stillness & being.

To celebrate the divine power of being, healing & gentleness, I am showing you a set of portrait I have done with my dear soul sister Tiia.

Tiia is a soprano & singing teacher. With her presence and singing classes, I always felt healed, understood & enlightened.

Our conversations always start with manifesting for the better of the world, more love & more abundance for every soul.

Our singing classes always start with being and breathing, for even the most stressful days.

I know it is not easy. We are all in pain.

But, we must remember, we should embrace life, as we only have one life. Same as all being on this earth, at this time.

This life is not here to make us happy, but to make us conscious about ourselves & others.

When we are conscious, we will have long lasting inner peace & happiness.

When everyone on this earth is conscious, we will have world peace.

So dear sisters & brothers,

smile, at the most difficult times.

let’s heal the world with the divine feminine energy.


Behind photography:

Artistically, I wanted to achieve a timeless, classic look with a lot of light & darkness.

The light represents the divine feminine energy &  the darkness represent the difficult time that we are in.

The contrast in this image is big, the light doesn’t come directly from the front but a bit from the side. You need to turn your head away to see the light.

The light from the back is highlighting the crown and created the silver lining around her.

The below image is simulated with Elixxer software, for the post, light set up and expression.


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