My specialty is shiny, reflective products that need a lot of details and delicate lighting.


For more fashion expired portraits of clients (not models), please see the classic portrait section


Beauty portraits is all about good lighting and skin. Other styles, backdrops are all possible.

360 Videos

There are many ways to light and position products to achieve the optimal effects for the product. Check examples below.


Fashion/Beauty Photography

Half Day (9-13 or 13-17) – €500+24% VAT

full Day (9-17 or 10-18) – €1000+24% VAT

  • 1) Retouching of the images – €25-100/pc +24% VAT based on requirement, typically beauty images requires more retouching hours while life style images requires very little
  • 2) Image licensing for printed catalogue, web/social use is always included in the list above. However, international print media such billboard & magazines licensing fee will be calculated separately.
  • 3) Other expenses charged separately or arranged by client such as model, hair/makeup, styling, manicure, studio assistant when project is more complex, special equipment rental and transportation.

Product Photography /360 Video

  • Product Photography: As low as €15/pc +24% for single color background e-commerce items that doesn’t need much editing

360 video: As low as €50/pc +24% for single color background video, up to 2 angles. product need to be lighter than 5kg.

Products need more complex posing,  lighting, too much scratches to edit will increase the workload thus the price. Individual Quote will be given based on the condition and requirement of the product.

About Shanshan

Hello, I am a Chinese Photographer who has been living in Finland for 10 years.  My photography work started mainly in the area of classic portraits for boudoir and families. However due to popular demand, I expanded to classic portrait inspired fashion and commercial work for my clients. I am happy to help companies of any size to take care full range of e-commerce photography from fashion look book, life style image to product photos & videos.

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