Monday 19.00 19.Dec. 2022

How to set boundaries during the holiday season - fire place chat

If you feel that you are enlightened, spend a week with your parents! (Or siblings)

How do you feel spending time with your family in the upcoming holiday season?

If you are feeling 100% relaxed, loved and can’t wait to spend time with your family to recharge your energy, this event is not for you – you are enlightened already!

If you are feeling a bit mixed, worried, irritated and even stressed about being drained to be with your family, this event is perfect for you to survive & even strive during the holiday season!

2022/12/19 19:00:00
  • Hear personal stories from Shanshan & Tommi about growing up in not extremely dysfunctional but still tricky families
  • How children from tricky families develop stress coping mechanism that is preventing you from stepping into your greatness
  • Learn how to set your boundaries to protect your energy to prevent energy drain
  • Get tips & tricks to fulfill your own emotional needs to create space & joy
  • Question & Answers
  • The event will be live streamed, you will be able to interact with us from multiple platforms without participation fee (detail shared after registration)


Limbic System Retraining Coach

Shanshan is a childhood trauma informed leadership coach, trainer & facilitator.

Shanshan came from a tricky family where love wasn’t consistent. She always knew that her family loved her, but she doesn’t always felt that way. Her Chinese family has many dysfunctional traits such as trying to look good on paper, difficulty to express emotions without substance, emotional abuse & co-dependency. She developed coping patterns such as over-achieving, hyper vigilance & people pleasing. These patterns are stored in our limbic system (the lizard or the monkey brain).

She coaches herself and others to achieve a higher version of themselves by implementing new actions & habit at ease. She uses various somatic work to rewire the neural pathways to gently condition our inner monkeys. Her coaching & training approach is holistic and efficient as she helps the client to embed new emotional & belief patterns in existing routines.



Therapist, body healer

Tommi is a therapist working with individuals and couples of all ages, group facilitator, bodyhealer and entrepreneur at the healthcare- and social sector.

Because having a childhood experience living in a somehow dysfunctional family system Tommi also had to deal with with the sense of separateness, co-dependency and suppressed personal emotions and needs. When becoming more adult only clear choice has been to start to take responsibility of his own life. This path has led to explore ways to improve his emotional-, somatic- and social relational systems to achieve total happiness.

Through his personal work with different spiritual and psychological practices Tommi has found deeper layers of who he really is as an individual – as a soul – and what is his direct mission in life: to help others humans to find more self-love, acceptance, feel again the place of pure innocence and those lost feelings of belonging and recognizing their own life.

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