On a lovely Easter Friday afternoon, I was chilling with a new book I bought on the sofa. Google my business sent me a notification that someone left me a review.

Who would that be? Normally my customers leave their reviews on my FB page.

I opened it and it was a one star review in Finnish!

I was confused. Because I knew right away, it is not a real customer. It has a fishy made up Google Account without a real name too.

In my 6 years photography career, I have ZERO customer that I couldn’t serve well. Even though I had 1 case that the first shoot was unsuccessful, but I made up with a free replacement shoot with a better plan. Many customers become dear friends that we share life and bubbles with. And I rarely do marketing because people come from referrals. And about the dress comment, it is even funnier. I always communicated with my clients that the dresses don’t need to fit or look good in real life, they just need to look good in photos.  I have ripped a few zippers of some dresses for my clients that so the dresses can fit them beautifully from the front.

So, who could this be? A jealous competitor? A personal hater? And more importantly, what did I do to attract this? 

I have been trying to breath in and out loving compassion towards myself and others for so long. Why does this still happen to me?

First I thought, I can reply the comment and ask this person to provide me some evidence that she was a real customer.

But quickly, I realized that I should not FIGHT BACK. Flighting back will only cause a cat war on my google and there will be no end if this person is set out to destroy me.

When I am more centered, I realized I might know who this person is.

Long story short, this person is bullying one of my closest friends online, offline. And she has always picked me to bully as I am a foreign woman too.

I text my friend the screen shot. I got a confirmation. She is receiving a new round of harassment at this moment as well.

What’s next?

To be totally vulnerable and honest. At that point, after figuring who she is, I felt fear, sadness & a sense of defeat. I haven’t been trying to build reviews on google so one bad review sent my google rating so low. I was also fearful for what might happen next if I don’t fight back.

I had to close my eyes for a while. A few things came out of love and compassion.

  • She is in such a bad emotional state that she has to do horrible things to others to feel better.
  • Love will always win. I need to send love to her from my heart.
  • I will open up about this on my FB page to send her a loving message and also set boundaries. (I know she stalks everyone so she might just see it).

 Why did I attract that?

After I have done it, I felt powerful and at peace. But I was still wondering what did I do to attract this hate and bullying.

Maybe, the universe is telling me that I should build more reviews on google and it is the perfect time to do so?

I asked a couple of customers that became friends to leave me a review.

And my close friend also left me review and called on more common friends.

And it quickly escalated in a way I never imaged in a matter of a few days.

I also got caring messages from friends asking how I am, what happened, I received many reviews from people I didn’t ask for.

I realized, it was not reviews I received. It was love and support. 

The rating was back to 4.9 on google. And many amazing comments on FB. You can read them there. Ratings with facts, details, story and emotions. Reading them almost made me in tears too!

I needed to receive more love. And that is what I got.

So as today, 10 days have passed since the “hate” message. I understood profoundly that what universe saw was that I would have more love in my life. From my network, clients and friends.

So the universe presented me a chance to be firm but vulnerable at the same time.

And I thank the lady who wrote me that 1 star review, she helped send love my way.

And I will continue sending her more love back to her too.

And I know, I am so loved and supported that I fear nothing. There are lovely people who got my back.


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